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Kick Lee is a music producer, composer, sound designer, and instrumentalist, specializing and providing production and music for recording artist, film, television, advertising, video games and more. He has been working in music for 14 years and has a steady thriving career. He's best known for being an openly diverse music producer, having the ability to practically produce any genre requested, which has been found rare in today's music industry.




Kick has worked with artist across multiple genres, as well as generating commercial production for various contract requirements ranging from themed tunes to film scores. He is familiar with several platforms for production, including digital sound creation using Propellerhead's Reason and Logic Pro software, as well as traditional engineering methods. While working in the music industry for over 14 years, Kick has licensed music with mainstream networks and studios such as MTV, VH1, 20th Century Fox, Disney and BET and many others.

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